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Creamy Almond Milk

12 months from date of production.

Creamy Almond Milk is made with 8.8% whole Australian almonds. We use the whole almond so there's no wastage - only the skin is removed! This is different as many other almond milks in the market claim a certain amount of almonds and remove the almond 'pulp' so the net result is much less!

It's delicious and creamy taste allows it to replace dairy milk in all forms, where it has also been specifically developed to complement your favourite coffee as much as your favourite smoothie. No 'Barista Version" or "regular" here, just a simply creamy plant-based dairy alternative!

Creamy Almond Milk is also a source of calcium and protein, naturally, with no added faba bean or pea protein isolates which we believe alters the taste.

What's more, the high almond content has allowed us to create an almond milk without the use of added oils, flavours, maltodextrin, colours, preservatives, carrageenan or xanthan gum.

Creamy Almond Milk is the perfect choice for your favourite coffee as it froths, stretches and remains stable like dairy milk! It's even great in instant coffee!

Yes! The high whole almond content helps to provide 5.0g of tasty protein per serve, along with 24% of your RDI of calcium per serve!

This is because we use more whole almonds! In fact, each bottle contains more than 75 whole Australian almonds, which are made up of about 50% (good) unsaturated fats! 


We use the whole Australian almonds where only their skin is removed, which allows us to use all the nutrients and creaminess of almonds, without the need for added fillers, oils and flavours.

This is different to an industry norm whereby almonds are blended and the pulp is filtered out, resulting in a net loss of almond content and nutrients. 

Check the ingredients listing to see if whole almonds are stated. You can also see if there's protein and good fats, as almonds are generally made up of 50% fat and 25% protein

Gellan gum is a natural, vegan-friendly gum derived from the non-pathogenic bacteria Sphingomonas elodea, which is used to stabilise all of our ingredients so they don't settle to the bottom.

Not at all. The high almond content in our almond milks provides a natural creaminess and delicious flavour.


Yes! We will never change that.

We are an Australian owned company and all of our products are made in Australia using at least 98% Australian ingredients!

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